Cannabis Heute

The Agentur Sowjet GmbH has been producing the online video format Cannabis Heute (formerly exzessiv.TV – das Magazin) since the beginning of the millennium. Since 2006 you can watch the episodes on YouTube. Cannabis Heute has already been subscribed to by around 54,000 users.

Cannabis Heute broadcasts current articles on the subject of cannabis every week. Cannabis is normalized and established in mainstream society. That’s why we offer with “Cannabis Heute” the latest from the world of cannabis and information about hemp for the general public. In short: top-class cannabis TV. We show how to use cannabis products in the kitchen, how growers grow, how legalization is progressing in Germany and worldwide, the benefits of cannabis as medicine and much more.

Cannabis Today is present at cannabis events across Europe. In addition, interesting interview partners are invited and the latest products are presented.