Since 2000, Agentur Sowjet GmbH has provided media services about hemp related items and products. We publish five online magazines and print media in five languages for the European market. These include the Hanf Journal, the biggest freesheet in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, with 12 issues per year.

Our editorial offices in five countries produce news on a daily basis, skilled presentation of particular growing reports and hints, as well as successful product flashes and promotion for your specific products. Our different categories including politics, medicinal cannabis, games, arts and entertainment, attract all conceivable facets of our common target group. The production of the very successful YouTube-Show exzessiv.TV is part of our portfolio; as is the introduction of new brands and products, live-streaming and the video-monitoring of events such as fairs, presentations and political activities.

Sowjet offers with its channels, like exzessiv.TV or Hanf Journal, a target group-specific, highly effective marketing without any wastage.

The headquarter of the Agentur Sowjet is in Berlin, in order to be up to date with the newest trends on the scene and political issues. Our network of companies and branch offices extends from the Canary Islands to Kyiv in the Ukraine and represents a unique platform for any market participant.

Company history

Our company name Sowjet is derived from Russian and literally means “the council”. The company’s first project, which has been successful to this day, is the Hanf Journal, which has been published since 2001. The Hanf Journal is a free monthly newspaper for politics and culture on the subject of “hemp”. Since the newspaper was founded by members of the Green Youth, the editor of the newspaper was and is particularly concerned with the sensitive topic of “hemp”. Over time, more and more projects, such as internet platforms and trade fairs on the subject of hemp, were added.

Over the course of time, our media projects developed into an information medium not only in the “scene”; rather, it also serves as a monthly source of news for social workers, drug counselors, doctors, and lawyers.

Our media services at a glance:
  • Online Marketing
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Content production
  • Video productions
  • Print Advertising

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