Since 2000, Agentur Sowjet GmbH has provided media services about hemp related items and products. We publish five online magazines and print media in five languages for the European market. These include the Hanf Journal, the biggest freesheet in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and the very successful YouTube-Show “Cannabis Heute”. Sowjet offers with its channels a target group-specific, highly effective marketing without any wastage.


Established in 2001, the Hanf Journal is the biggest hemp related freesheet in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


The biggest hemp related freesheet in Poland. Market leader since 2006.


The only hemp related freesheet in France. Established in 2011.


First hemp related freesheet in the Czech Republic. Established in 2008.


The one and only Ukraine cannabis magazine. Since 2009.

Cannabis HeuteCannabis Heute Szenen und Logo

The iconic cannabis broadcasting channel for Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Started in 2006.

Videos on YouTube and Facebook


A hemp fair with a very long tradition. The last Cannabizz in Warsaw, Poland was in 2019 before the Covid pandemic.

Channels: YouTube, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram


First hemp related Youtube-Show in Poland.

Channels: YouTube, Facebook


Campaign for establishing Cannabis Social Clubs.