Your banner on reaches the customers where they inform themselves and spend their free time! Daily reports about cannabis, politics, growing and more ensure regular user activities and reliable clicks at your homepage! Your online campaign will become even more effective through transparent statistics that you can see any time (HERE) and your direct access to the banner management system. That way you can change your banner strategy accurately to one minute and benefit from current developments. Due to the limitation of each banner pool to seven customers a high viewing quota is guaranteed – so that your banner is shown on average once during each user session.

The Full banner is the optimal banner form for clients whose products are for content-oriented customers, as it is located in the content of the homepage.

Full banner – Format A

Your banner will be on
– Size: 468*60px (width x height)
– Maximum 7 customers per position!
– Visible on all content-based pages.
– Supported formats: 72 dpi! .jpg (RGB!), .png, .gif, max 50kB 
– Please send all the ad designs to 
The positioning of the banner on the page:

– six months 1.200,00- Euro net
– one year – 1.999,00- Euro net